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Topical Mapper: Notion Template for SEO

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The Topical Mapper is a tool that not only simplifies your SEO strategy but transforms it into an easy-to-navigate map.

Visualize pillar pages, topic clusters and subniches, as tangible tools at your fingertips.


  • Structured Clarity: Effortlessly map out topic clusters and pillar pages.
  • Efficient Organization: Keep your SEO content in one accessible place.
  • Strategic Planning: Plan and execute your SEO strategy with precision.
  • Collaborative Space: Share insights and collaborate with your team in real-time.
  • Scalability: Easily adaptable for different project sizes and complexities.
  • Intuitive Design: User-friendly interface for an easy experience.
  • Blog Organization: Keep your blogs organized and seamlessly integrate SEO tools for optimal performance.
  • Deadline Management: Set and track deadlines to ensure timely execution of SEO strategies.

Pages Included:

  • Blog Manager
  • Topical Map
  • Topical Tools (+ Guide to making a Topical Map)
  • Competitor Analysis (4 workflow pages inside)
  • SEO Strategy Roadmap
  • SEO Toolbox
  • SEO Prompts (100 SEO ChatGPT Prompts to help you leverage AI for SEO)
  • Notes & Ideas
  • Help

Start now, and gain topical authority in no time!

Disclaimer: For personal use, not for resale purposes.

Refunds: No refunds possible. Because of how Notion templates work, you get a link to duplicate the template after buying it. This makes it hard to stop people from asking for full refunds after every purchase.

Who is behind SEOperate?

Hi! I'm Matt 👋

I'm specialized in SEO, besides that I'm also a Web Designer, and Notion Creator.

My mission is to simplify SEO for everyone.

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Organize your topical maps, blogs & keywords with precision and ease.

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Topical Mapper: Notion Template for SEO

0 ratings
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